Sale! But first: what we’ve been getting up to during the Covid-19 lockdown…


Like many small businesses across Ireland, and indeed globally, we watched the progress of the coronavirus pandemic with horror and a feeling of helplessness. While our government and the HSE have been doing their best to keep everyone as safe as possible, it’s safe to say that average citizens have come together admirably to try and do everything they can to help too.

As chandlers, we don’t have much applicable skills to contribute to the “Be on call for Ireland” initiative. All we can do is make candles! A lot of small and creative business owners felt the same way as us; wanting to help, but not knowing how. We were delighted, then, to be part of a sweet fundraiser over on Instagram. Along with 27 other small Irish businesses, we helped raised money for the “Keep Breathing: Fund Emergency COVID19 Ventilators” Go Fund Me campaign, and sent prizes to people working on the front lines or in self-isolation. Our prize winner, nurse Natasha Lee, chose the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland candle as her gift!

 fundraiser giveaway image

While in lockdown, we have been happily experimenting and getting creative. We have big plans to launch 3 new scents for the summer, and as always, they are inspired by great classic works of literature. We won’t reveal the new candles just yet, but make sure to sign up to our newsletter on our home page to be kept in the loop.

Our experiments haven’t stopped there. We are also testing a new type of wax for our entire range of candles. Our current wax is a blend of rapeseed and sustainably sourced soy wax, and we love it! So why are we testing a new wax? Well, the new blend is composed of rapeseed and coconut. Coconut wax is even more environmentally friendly than soy wax, and it releases fragrance more efficiently too. This means that the great fragrance throw that our customers love about our candles, will be even stronger.

Other news:

You might have seen the notice on our website about shipping changes we’ve brought in. In order to practice social distancing and reduce contact as much as possible, we are only shipping orders once a week. We’ve also had to temporarily suspend international shipping due to restrictions. This means we can only accept orders to be shipped to Ireland or the UK for the time being.


For those of you in Ireland and the UK, we have launched our Mood Booster Sale! All of our Deluxe jar candles, with a 50 hour burn time, are now 20% off. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout, so don't worry about having to remember a code. If you’ve been feeling the need for a little TLC, treat yourself to an affordable luxury from Wordsmith Candles.

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